book drive organizer

Mrs. Hishmeh (Teacher)

at Horace Mann Elementary School, West Allis, WI

Here since Apr 7, 2015

Open requests - 73 Books received - 25

I have been teaching K4 for five years at my current school. I enjoy finding new ways to help my students learn, and love to help them celebrate their successes, big or small, every day. Working in a low income school is both rewarding and challenging. Each day is an adventure, and I encourage my students to try their hardest, be kind and thoughtful towards one another, and support their classmates. I have created a learning environment where my students feel safe and are comfortable asking questions and participating. My third grade teacher was my inspiration to become a teacher, and my hope is to inspire my students to be the best they can be every day.

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Boston, MA - Digital Product Architect

Books donated for this Drive - 2


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